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AKA- Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 6’ 2”
Age: Unknown
Fun Fact: Claims to be able to smell the fear of any species.

The use of hourglasses to carry out shrewd business tactics along with a giant, nose-shaped head are just two of the few known or definitive characteristics of the enigmatic, criminal mastermind.

The Nose is an observer, with an all-encompassing fascination with naturally occurring incidents & interactions between people, places, and things. These circumstantial happenings dictate The Nose’s existence.

Fascinated with trends and being responsible for moving around pieces of society for sheer amusement, The Nose observes people & events through multiple mediums, both manmade and otherworldly.
Monitoring from various safehouses, The Nose is willing to do just about anything to control & manipulate the city's people: innocent and corrupt alike...

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