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AKA- Sebastien Pappagiorgio
Birthplace: Yuma, AZ
Height: 5’ 10”
Age: 29
Fun Fact: Very much wishes he was better at mathematics.

Sebastien Pappagiorgio grew up an only child who loved nothing more than to read. When he was young, he moved with his father (a software developer) to Texas - where they led a comfortable & quiet life...

The first appearance of his fantastic gift - an innate ability to sense the true spirit essence (typically in animal form) of those he comes in close proximity to - occured at age ten while playing catch in his backyard.

Following a stray ball into the nearby woods, Sebastien came across a glowing & translucent jackrabbit. Before he could get a closer look, the rabbit escaped into a hole beneath a shimmering, kaleidoscopic stream.

Amazed, he ran back to the yard to show his cousin, but upon return both the Hare & the Spring had vanished. When he got closer to his cousin, Sebastien was overwhelmed by the image of a luminous cricket. Something inside him had changed. These glowing animal visions - originating from the jackrabbit - would persist... certain people and objects with varying degrees of intensity upon first meeting them.

A real-estate agent by day, Sebastien mostly keeps to himself. Sketching & painting in his free time, he regularly attempts to recapture the other-worldly luster that glimmered from the mystical water he saw in the woods that fateful day...

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