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AKA- Rudy Jooliani, Rudy Jules
Birthplace: Cebu, PHL
Height: 5’ 5”
Age: 20
Fun Fact: Is able to sleep for up to 44 consecutive hours if needed.

Rudy is a college student from the Philippines who moved to the States to live with her aunt & uncle in the hills of downtown Squawk City.

Reaching a heightened zen-level of meditation through napping, Rudy studies & cares for animals by day... and keeps her fixation with knives & blades reserved for righting the various wrongs she witnesses in the streets at night!

Her education & dedication to the housing of displaced animals are top priorities, but if you’re planning on any evil-doing towards her, her family, or any nearby innocents or wildlife: be warned. Rudy will stop at nothing to make sure her blades meet your blood...and Rudy’s knives never miss...

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