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AKA- Noah Bridges
Birthplace: Squawk City, CA
Height: 5’ 11”
Age: 28
Fun Fact: Least favorite pizza topping is mushrooms.

An average-at-best University student, Noah Bridges was born & raised in the suburbs of Squawk City. Following the advice of his favorite professor, Noah decided to follow his dream and take a year off to study caves abroad near the Galápagos Islands.

During the course of study, he and some fellow students- including his college sweetheart Gloria- were captured and held prisoner by a voodoo master; under the rule of a dark mystic.
After weeks of horror and torture, Noah- left to die- became the only survivor of his doomed class trip.
Under miraculous circumstances, he was able to escape: summoning every ounce of body & soul left in his beaten, withered state...

Luckily, Noah was found & rescued by a remote research team outside the caves and taken back to Squawk City- changed forever. Haunted by his... haunted past, Noah vowed to never again allow forces of evil to control his fate...or that of any other!

Landing on his feet and settling into the suburb of Westlake, Noah built a reputation for himself as a town-renowned handyman. He remains vigilant to keep himself & his community any and all means necessary…

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