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AKA- ???
Birthplace: ???
Height: ???
Age: ???
Fun Fact: Mad Paul’s favorite food is French Toast.

Mad Paul roams about dimensions (on silent command from the source of his power) making changes both drastic and tiny: from causing a non-lethal car accident and bringing two strangers together, to moving a stone off the sidewalk so a bike messenger falls.
His manipulations seem arbitrary, but they serve an unknown purpose…

His face encased in the skull of a fallen friend- Mad Paul is a timeless, enigmatic figure of darkness- forever hovering between our realms.

Of his many ghostly abilities, Mad Paul's trademark: his sidearm's ability to materialize & generate any size calibration of ammunition, at any rate- to be suited for any occasion.
Though he has no apparent weaknesses and is rarely involved in physical altercations of any kind, his presence and influence is felt across multiple sectors of time & space.

There is a plan that Mad Paul is perpetuating and he has no idea what it is. He is simply consumed… by Madness….

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