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AKA- Leeesa Kristof
Birthplace: Piqua, OH
Height: 5’ 6”
Age: 26
Fun Fact: Has the ability to whistle alarmingly loud.

For Leeesa Kristof, the ocean is home. Through scuba diving- a hobby & passion discovered at an early age- an entire new world of seemingly uncharted space opened up to her, allowing for marine exploration in its purest form.

Logging over 4,000 hours of underwater research and expeditions, she landed a coveted position in the aquatics division of the mega engineering firm Onvos, a few hours north of Squawk City. Her team works relentlessly on the development of fully hydro-powered robotics and engineering, including a jet-pack that Leeesa designed herself.

Reaching a major breakthrough studying the communication patterns of dolphins (her favorite animal) Leeesa and her team were cleared to begin work on the design of an interconnected, self-sustainable global network of eco-structures built to safeguard the world's natural living systems.

Whether on land or underwater, Leeesa lives to explore- committed to sustaining & improving the planet: one discovery at a time…

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