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AKA- Fae Th’ras-Dyfid
Birthplace: Dyfid, THR
Height: 5’ 9”
Age: Unknown
Fun Fact: Never sleeps.

Once part of a pure & legendary galactic crusader force, Fae - an exemplary citizen of the planet Th’ras- was exiled from her home district of Dyfid after years of faithful service; sworn to protect all realms in need. Along with two other fellow crusaders, Fae was wrongfully accused of treason by an altered & corrupted version of her own team's leader.

Evading capture through explosive self-defense, Fae and the other innocent teammates were forced to split up far into different sections of the galaxy. Overnight, they became outlaws- worsened by the election of a malevolent dictator hellbent on seizing the wanted space rangers.

Hidden, Fae constantly travels back and forth between worlds utilizing various dimensional gates, one of which is located within a Squawk City national park reserve. Aiding in the transport & protection of countless intergalactic beings, Fae leads those in need to safe havens with the help of safely-guarded code sent to and from fellow disbanded allies.

Waiting to eventually return home, Fae operates in between shadows and passing moments- observing & occasionally intervening in Squawk City conflicts and happenings where her assistance might be needed or appreciated…

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