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AKA- Dorothy Jane DuBois, Dottie Day
Birthplace: Horatio, AK
Height: 5’ 7”
Age: 89
Fun Fact: Is a six-time Double Dutch champion.

Dorothy Jane DuBois left the quiet Arkansas life for California when she was 18. A renown local athlete, Dorothy earned an Olympic grant and an invitation to join an elite team of all-female, competitive athletes training for the Official Games.

Dorothy, or as her teammates began to call her, Dottie Day - was dishonestly urged by team officials to voluntarily be injected with an experimental serum designed to “guarantee a competitive edge”- leaving Dottie and the rest of her team with varying degrees of super-strength...
The girls passed their standard drug-tests for the Official Games, but were mysteriously released from their team obligations with little to no explanation in the middle of the competition.

Making the most of no longer competing with friends at a high level, Dottie took to singing in lounges and bars under her team nickname Dottie Day, where she was eventually discovered for her impressive musical talents. She recorded several LPs, collaborated with many pop artists, and eventually retired to Squawk City in the suburbs of Westlake...

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