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AKA - Denslen Steeplechase
Birthplace: Squawk City, CA
Height: 6’ 1”
Age: 38
Fun Fact: Favorite fruit flavor is Orange.

The heir to a vast family fortune, Denslen Steeplechase (a futurist, intellectual scholar funded by his family's tech, mineral, & entertainment companies) is a popular media presence by day; sounding off on his theories of global peace achieved through technopaganism, while secretly dreaming of a world controlled by those- like himself- worthy enough to do so.

Using an altered prototype suit powered by ultra-quartz found exclusively under the ground of Squawk City, Steeplechase used the uniform and custom made super-scepter to drain & transmit incredible amounts of energy to and from the power sources of rival companies: becoming the high-voltage vulture Cryptiko.

Primed to steal confidential information and raw energy from his competition, Steeplechase's ego & vanity lead him steadily down the path of darkness towards becoming an unstoppable crystallized criminal…

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