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AKA- Cameron Riley
Birthplace: Squawk City, CA
Height: 6’
Age: 34
Fun Fact: Can name US Presidents in chronological order front & backwards.

Middle-class miscreant Cameron Riley is utterly fascinated with the creation & combustion of explosives. Graduating from toilet bowls to city halls, Riley evolved his hazardous hobby by opting to make statements with his bombs, often targeting unethical corporations & houses of ill-repute in lieu of innocent civilians.

Was hand-selected & recruited by The Nose's right hand- Beltran the Bee- after Riley eliminated the entire Uroshi Opium Clan in a single sitting using a specially designed "smart missile" that carries within its shell multiple cherry-sized explosives, each emitting various deadly projectiles.

Impressed, The Nose gifted an invaluable set of weapons & resources to help with Cameron’s crusade against the scum of Squawk...along with a loud, public persona (with costume) that Cameron could use to further emphasize his principles...

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